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  • Do You Know The Millin' Men?

    Do you know the Millin' Men,
    The Millin' Men, the Millin' Men,
    Oh, do you know the Millin' Men,
    Who work on Columbus Circle?

    Well if you don't know the Millin' Men, now you will. Sean Pavlac (top black-bearded guy) and Josh Herzer (brown-bearded guy) are two of the finest fellas I have ever met—and they know everything about millin' (and goats, farming, chickens, gardening and too much about me.)

    I have had quite a summer getting to know these gentlemen as they let me behind the scenes at Shagbark Seed & Mill. They have confirmed why I care so much about connections and how these connections play a role in our lives. They use a beautiful, wooden Austrian mill that has several screen choices to produce different varieties of textures for the the final product. Sean gets so passionate and excited when he talks about the millin' process that I can't help but enjoy listening and learning.

    Last time they milled buckwheat, I got a fresh-off-the-mill bag of buckwheat flour and prepared my daughter and I buckwheat pancakes that evening. This was my first experience with organic buckwheat flour and I am now spoiled. But, the organic heirloom corn grits are beyond divine. I have never cared for grits, but Sean and Josh convinced me that regular grits are not grits. So, I tried the Shagbark brand and needless to say, they were fantastic. I love everything that Shagbark makes, but I think the greatest and most essential part of their process is the love that goes into the food they make.

    Cheers to Sean and Josh for endless laughter and smiles when I am around. Thank you for letting me photograph you and for letting me vent out all my problems in the bagging room (just keep those conversations under your hats).